Rules of communication with the head of the master university work

July 9, 2019

In the previous article we focused on the correct choice of bachelor or diploma supervisor. If you have managed to “capture” a suitable leader, do not rest on your laurels, you have not yet won. There are a few rules for communicating with a bachelor’s thesis supervisor, who can make your master thesis much easier, and can provide a positive opinion for subsequent defense, and subsequent guidance from the supervisor.

Rule # 1 reads, “Be always polite.” The supervisor is the person who can simplify the preparation and defense of your masterpiece, but also complicate it. For this reason, always follow this seemingly banal rule. Know that decent behavior and adherence to certain principles when communicating with a leader is not always a matter of course. Therefore always initiate communication with a decent address, including the correct academic title of the supervisor. Express yourself in full sentences, and forget about writing in capital letters or using exclamation marks, etc. Take into account that you are most likely not the only student your teacher has to do and therefore always sign properly. Sometimes it is good to include a class, a course and a student number.

Rule No. 2 reads “The leader is just a man”. Another banal message, right? You’re wrong again. Know that many students do not take note of this fact, so be smarter. The manager of your work at night is probably asleep, so if you send him 30NS of your work at 00:30 and you “order” a consultation at 8:00 am of the same day, you can’t expect to be expected at that time , and will have comments on the text sent. Therefore, always order a consultation well in advance. If you want the manager to read your work, or to review the adjustments you’ve made, give him enough room to do so. And a few hours overnight is not really enough.

Rule No. 3 reads “Go for consultation in time and ready!”. In case you have ordered a consultation with your supervisor, come to them in time and be ready. Have your requests processed, the adjustments that the leader wanted from you. Going to a consultation without preparation or editing at work is meaningless, and you are wasting your time and your work manager. Be effective. If you are not able to handle the individual phases of the work, or the adjustments required by the supervisor, or do not manage to do so because of time constraints, do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you!